Birth and Death Records

Sedgwick County Government has no role in recording either births or deaths, and cannot provide copies of these records. The State Office of Vital Statistics maintains both birth and death records.

Birth Certificates

Since 07/01/1911 birth records in Kansas have been recorded only with the State Office of Vital Statistics in Topeka. You may obtain full information as to request options and fees for obtaining at the OVS website:

Death Certificates

Deaths have been recorded with the State Office of Vital Statistics since 07/01/1911. Full information about options and costs to obtain are described on the OVS website at

OVS will provide certified copies only, and only to persons who are qualified to obtain. It will not provide information only as to facts of either births or deaths. OVS does have a request procedure for persons to obtain older records for genealogical research purposes. OVS also has a procedure for providing adoptees with birth certificates – please see the Other Frequent Requests and Questions page.

Genealogical Research

For information about birth and death records prior to 07/01/1911, please see the Genealogical Research page.