Sedgwick County Clerk

2003 Tax Levies Overview


The first half taxes may be paid on or before December 22nd* and the second half taxes may be paid on or before May 10, 2004. Statements in the amount of $10.00 or less must be paid in full. First half taxes become delinquent on December 23rd and second half taxes become delinquent on May 11th. Delinquent taxes accumulate interest until date of payment at a rate of 9% per annum in 2003 and 8% per annum in 2004.

The levies listed are the official 2003 ad valorem tax levies established by the County Clerk, and include those levies certified by the State and County Clerks of adjacent counties for joint taxing subdivisions with territory in this county. The rates there on are expressed in mills (or dollars per one thousand dollars or assessed valuation).

*The Statutory due date for first half tax payments (December 20) falls on Saturday in 2003.