Strategic Communications

News Releases

Release Date Topic
08/04/16 Emergency Communications Updates Media Policy
08/03/16 Sedgwick County Organizational Chart
08/03/16 County Manager's Executive Team Announced
08/02/16 Media Event: Primary Election Day
08/02/16 Commissioners Attend Election Watch Party
07/29/16 Update to Instructions Concerning Division of Motor Vehicles Applicants
07/29/16 Election Commissioner Shares New Instructions
07/29/16 Election Commissioner to Address New Voting Guidelines
07/29/16 Sedgwick County Extends Free Tree Disposal
07/28/16 Zoo Thriving After Elephant Exhibit Opens
07/28/16 Commissioners Attend Friedman Legacy Day And Pachyderm Club
07/27/16 Commissioners Attend Wichita Crime Commission Luncheon and Candidate Forum
07/22/16 Sedgwick County Extends Free Tree Disposal
07/15/16 Sedgwick County Sponsers Free Tree Disposal
07/11/16 New County App to Keep you Connected
07/07/16 Commissioners Attend Pachyderm Club
07/06/16 Commissioners Attend Sedgwick County Fair
07/05/16 Independence Day Non-Emergency Line Results
07/05/16 Mosquito Trap Demonstration
07/01/16 Commissioners Attend Pachyderm Club and Luncheon