Public Information Office

News Releases

Release Date Topic
09/18/15 Health Department Encourages Flu Shot in Sedgwick County
09/01/15 Sedgwick County to Hold Ribbon Cutting for Mt. Hope Bridge
08/18/15 Special Meeting of BOCC and Commissioners attend Township Annual Meeting
08/18/15 Eric Yost appointed to County Counselor
08/14/15 Special Meeting of County Commissioner
08/12/15 2016 Budget Adoption
08/12/15 Network Restored at Tag Offices
08/12/15 Network Down at Tag Offices
08/10/15 Commissioners Unruh and Norton Announce Alternative Budget Proposal
08/07/15 Commissioners Attend Reception for Dr. Oeberst
08/06/15 Sedgwick County Land Goes to Auction Today
08/05/15 Joint Law Enforcement Training Center Timeline
08/05/15 Special Meeting to Recess into Executive Session and Second Public Hearing
08/04/15 County Manager Finalists Announced
07/30/15 Back-to-School Vaccinations and Special Clinic
07/27/15 Public Hearing to be Broadcast Live
07/21/15 Special Meetings to Recess into Executive Session
07/17/15 Commissioners Attend Retirement Party for John Schlegel
07/16/15 COMCARE Crisis Services New Location
07/09/15 Commissioners Attend Farewell for Dr. Kinkel