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News Releases

Release Date Topic
09/23/13 Sedgwick County Commissioner Receives Public Health Award
09/20/13 CIO Announced
09/10/13 Commissioners Attend WAMPO and Sustainability CLT Meetings
09/06/13 Oral Health Kits for SCDDO Clients
09/06/13 5th District Advisory Board Meeting
09/06/13 Vaccines Stored Outside of Guidelines
09/05/13 Commissioners Attend Zoobilee and Quad County Meeting
09/05/13 Get Moving During Walktober!
09/03/13 Public Meeting Regarding Spring Creek Watershed
08/29/13 Commissioners Attend Judges' Annual Cookout
08/23/13 West Nile Virus in Sedgwick County
08/20/13 Commissioners Attend WAMPO Meeting and 2013 Federal Issue Luncheon featuring Mike Pompeo
08/07/13 Commissioners Attend Sustainability Communities CLT Meeting
08/06/13 Commissioners Attend Common Ground Lunch
08/06/13 Workplace Breastfeeding Made Easier
07/22/13 Back-to-School Vaccinations 2013
07/18/13 Trash Coupons are Back
07/03/13 Storm Debris Burn Site
07/01/13 Fire Hazard Advisory - Storm Debris and Fireworks
07/01/13 COMCARE Same Day Access Location Change