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News Releases

Release Date Topic
08/25/14 County Offices Closed Sept. 1
08/19/14 Sedgwick County Maintains AAA Ratings
08/18/14 Upcoming School Hostage Training
08/13/14 Media Release on Behalf of Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman
08/08/14 Commissioners Attend Public Hearing and Primary Vote Canvass
08/07/14 Election Commissioner to Deliver Petition Certification to Wichita City Clerk
08/07/14 RFP Sent for Leasing of Former Boys Ranch
08/04/14 Media Event: Primary Election Day Schedule
07/21/14 Back-to-School Vaccination Clinic
07/17/14 Commissioners Attend KTA Wichita-Area Leaders' Meeting
07/15/14 Health Department to Hold MMR Vaccination Clinic
07/12/14 Protect Yourself and Others from Measles in Sedgwick County
07/09/14 Commissioners Attend Sustainable Communities CLT Meeting
07/08/14 Bulky Waste Coupons Are Back
07/07/14 Fourth of July Non-Emergency Line Results
07/03/14 Commissioners Attend Public Works Employee Appreciation Luncheon
07/01/14 Commissioners Attend Anniversary Celebration for Mike Pepoon
06/30/14 County Offices Closed and Non-Emergency Line Open for July 4
06/26/14 Commissioners Attend Vote Canvass
06/26/14 Household Hazardous Waste Remote Collection