K-9 Search Team (SCK9)

The Sedgwick County Emergency Management K-9 Search Team (SCK9) is an all-volunteer disaster response team made up of trained and experienced K9's and handlers. The team's purpose is to respond to large disasters such as tornadoes or floods and assist with the search for missing persons. Because disasters don't happen every day, the team stays proficient by supporting local fire and law enforcement agencies with their investigations. 

The K-9 Team provides services in the following search disciplines

The team is comprised of deeply vetted, trained and certified handlers and K-9s. We maintain a rigid training schedule and require a double-blind testing certification for all K-9 handlers. The double-blind certification test helps the team ensure a high standard of performance and solidifies the team's reputation within the law enforcement community. 

Team Leads

Interested in being a handler?

SCK9 is always seeking serious candidates for team membership. Being an SCK9 handler requires significant lifestyle change, training discipline, selfless service, integrity and consistency. The team holds themselves to a high standard of performance and the training involved in maintaining a search K9 is nearly habitual and daily. For more information you can email Emergency Management at emdo@sedgwick.gov