PPE Resource Request

This page is for first-responders, hospitals, clinics, long-term care, and other businesses and facilities that are involved in healthcare. It is NOT for the general public.

To make supply requests, please download the Resource Request Form.  Fill in ALL the white boxes, either by typing in your response, or by using the drop-down menus. When you select the PPE Type (Mask, gloves, etc), the drop-down under Detailed Description will show you what options are available in that category. Be sure to also select ‘size’ where appropriate. If you want to type in something not listed, select PPE type ‘other,’ and in the Detailed Item Description line you can type in what you want. If an error box pops up, just click ‘OK.’

When you are done, save it as an Excel spreadsheet and email it to logistics@sedgwick.gov . If we are able to fill your order, we will contact you at the number you provide on the order form. Please be patient, as all equipment is in short supply, and also realize that no one is likely to receive everything they order.  When quantities are limited, supplies are being allocated for a 14 day operational period.  Please make subsequent orders as needed.

The PPE Burn Rate Form MUST be completed weekly by 1200 each Tuesday. It is required by the State of Kansas and the Sedgwick County EOC. This is a request for total PPE supplies in your inventory.  The EOC will NOT fulfill agency PPE Requests if this form has not been submitted on a weekly basis.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Battelle Decon Process Video

Click this link to watch an instructional video on preparing and packing your masks in Sedgwick County for decontamination using the Battelle decon process.