PPE Resource Request

This page is for first-responders and government entities. It is NOT for the general public.
As of Sept 14, 2020, the State of Kansas is handling all routine requests for PPE and COVID-related supplies from private-sector entities through their Stop Gap program. All private schools, businesses and other non-governmental entities should make their requests to the Kansas Division of Emergency Management Business PPE Stopgap Program . Be advised, you will be required to provide proof that you attempted to order your items through the normal supply chain, but were unable to fill your needs. One important exception to this rule: if you have an immediate need of PPE for life-safety reasons, you still should submit that request through Sedgwick County Logistics by following the steps listed below. You will not have to show proof of attempted purchase, but you will be required to explain the circumstances that make it an urgent need. Meanwhile, all first responders, public schools, and other government agencies will continue to order PPE through the Sedgwick County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), as they have been, but using our new online portal.
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new enhanced online PPE request system. Effective immediately, we will no longer utilize or accept the spreadsheet version of the resource request form. If you are a first responder or other government agency eligible to order supplies through the EOC on a regular basis, you will need to request a LOGIN ACCOUNT by filling out this form.  When you are ready to place an order, please visit our new online portal.

If you are a private business, but need PPE immediately because of an urgent, life-safety situation, send that request via email to logistics@sedgwick.gov . When you do, you MUST provide the following information:

Once we receive your information, we will process your request and contact you if there are any questions.

The PPE Burn Rate Form MUST be completed weekly by 1200 each Tuesday. It is required by the State of Kansas and the Sedgwick County EOC. This is a request for total PPE supplies in your inventory.  The EOC will NOT fulfill agency PPE Requests if this form has not been submitted on a weekly basis.  Thank you for your cooperation.