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Legal Notifications

Department Title 1st Date of Publication
MAPC Resolution 144-2022, A Resolution Changing Zoning Classification from SF-20 to SF-5 09/22/22
Finance Foreign-Trade Zone 161 - Wichita, Kansas Application for Subzone 09/15/22
Public Works Notice To Bidders, RFB #22-0071 09/01/22
MAPC Resolution 126-2022, PUD 2022-00014 08/25/22
BoCC Resolution 128-2022, Foreign Trade Zone #161 08/25/22
Aging 2023 LEGAL NOTICE for Public Hearing on OAA Area Plan 08/16/22
Aging Sedgwick County Department on Aging intends to fund Various Aging and Physical Disability Programs/Services for FY 2023 07/28/22
MABCD Resolution 115-2022, A Resolution Scheduling a Hearing 07/21/22
BoCC Public Hearing Notice - JAG-22 07/21/22
MABCD Resolution 108-2022, A Resolution Scheduling a Hearing for a Structure 06/30/22
Finance Resolution 88-2022, Foreign Trade Zone 05/25/22
BoCC Resolution 092-2022, Resolution Adopting the Sedgwick County Sanitary Code 05/25/22
BoCC Resolution 093-2022, Resolution Adopting the Sedgwick County Wastewater Code 05/25/22
BoCC Notice of Hearing - Sanitary Code 04/20/22
BoCC Notice of Hearing - Wastewater Code 04/20/22
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB 22-0038, Bridge Improvements (B505) 04/13/22
Public Works General Notice to Control Noxious Weeds 03/30/22
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB #22-0029 - Contractor Installed Pavement Marking - Methyl Methacrylate (R175-R2) 03/30/22
MAPC Resolution 055-2022, Changing the Zoning Classification for Certain Lands 03/23/22
BoCC Resolution 033-2022, Establishing the Sedgwick County Nuisance Abatement Code 03/23/22