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Legal Notifications

Department Title 1st Date of Publication
MAPC Resolution 233-2021, Change Zoning to Limited Commercial 11/24/21
BoCC Resolution 231-2021, Adopt the 2021 International Mechanical Code 11/24/21
BoCC Resolution 232-2021, Adopt the 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code 11/24/21
BoCC Resolution 227-2021, Regulating the Discharge of Firearms Across Property Boundaries 11/10/21
MAPC Resolution 212-2021 Vehicle Storage Yard for RV and Boats 10/20/21
MAPC Resolution 213-2021 Temporary Rock Crusher 10/20/21
BoCC Notice of Public Hearing UPC 2021 Adoption 10/13/21
BoCC Notice of Public Hearing IMC 2021 Adoption 10/13/21
Aging FY23 Grant - Public Notice 5311 SGCO Op and Cap 10/13/21
Aging Public Hearing, CPAAA Proposed FY 2022 OAA Area Plan 08/11/21
MAPC Resolution 159-2021, Changing the Zoning Classification for Certain Lands 08/04/21
MAPC Resolution 158-2021 07/28/21
BoCC Public Hearing Notice-JAG-21 07/28/21
Aging Sedgwick County Department on Aging FY 2022 Aging and Physical Disability Programs 07/28/21
MAPC Resolution 151-2021 Rezone request for storage unit 07/21/21
BoCC Resolution 152-2021 Resolution adding youth to the Juvenile Justice Board 07/21/21
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB #21-0055 Bridge Improvements 07/14/21
Fire District Notice of Public Hearing - Fire Code of Appeals 07/07/21
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB 21-0044 06/30/21
Finance Public Notice-Foreign Trade Zones Board (S-78-2021), Foreign Trade Zone 161 - Wichita Kansas Application for Subzone Watco Transloading, LLC 06/30/21