Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Complaint Form for Sedgwick County-owned facilities and/or County-Operated Services & Programs

Under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Sedgwick County is required to make its County-owned facilities/buildings as well as services and programs offered by Sedgwick County accessible to people with disabilities in compliance with the ADA. If you believe that you have not been able to access a building or facility owned by Sedgwick County or a County-based service/program due to an accessibility issue, or if you have been discriminated against because of your disability, please complete and submit this form. You will be contacted by a representative of Sedgwick County within 15 business days of receipt to discuss your complaint. 

If you have an emergency within Sedgwick County, please dial 911. 

For transportation assistance within the Wichita city limits, please visit Wichita Transit. Accessibility options can be purchased and may be scheduled with at least seven (7) days advanced notice. 

For blind/low-vision assistance to navigate between Sedgwick County’s facilities, please download the Aira app to your mobile device.

For accessibility concerns related to housing, please contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Please visit File a Complaint or call 800.669.9777. To contact the Kansas City Regional Office, please dial 800.743.5323 | 913.551.6972 (TTY). 

For building requirements within Sedgwick County, or for questions regarding making facilities ADA accessible, please contact the U.S. Access Board ADA Accessibility Standards or consult with the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department at 316.660.1840. 

To file a complaint for a business located within Sedgwick County that serves the public (restaurant, shopping establishment, doctor’s office, hotel, etc.), please contact the Department of Justice at 800.514.0301 | 833.610.1264 (TTY) or visit

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Anonymous reports are unable to be investigated.


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