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For Immediate Release
Date: July 14, 2021
Contact: Captain Cody Alexander
Telephone: 316.660.0900

Detention Deputy Assault 07.14.21

MEDIA RELEASE                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

DATE:                                                            July 14, 2021

AGENCY:                                                      SEDGWICK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

LOCATION:                                                  WICHITA/SEDGWICK COUNTY, KANSAS

TELEPHONE:                                                (316) 660-0900

CONTACT:                                                    CAPTAIN CODY ALEXANDER


On July 13, 2021, a Sedgwick County Detention Deputy was assaulted in the Detention Facility. The deputy was transported to the hospital for treatment.


At approximately 2:40 a.m., a deputy was attempting to get an inmate to return to their cell after being let out to shower. The inmate involved is currently on Administrative Segregation due to repeated disciplinary issues within the Detention Facility. When instructed to return to his cell, the inmate became aggressive and made threatening comments to the deputy. The deputy called for extra assistance and continued attempts to get him to return to his cell.


The inmate then quickly approached the deputy, striking him in the face with a closed fist at least two times. The deputy was knocked to the floor, but was able to move to a secure location preventing any further attack. Additional staff arrived in the area shortly after this and were able to secure the inmate in his cell.  


The deputy involved received 15 stitches and sustained multiple facial fractures. After receiving treatment at the hospital, the deputy was released to return home.




The inmate involved, Denzell L Cooper, has been in custody since May 2, 2020. He is currently being held on charges of Rape, Aggravated Criminal Sodomy, and two felony counts of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.


This case will be presented to the District Attorney for review for the requested charge of Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.


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