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For Immediate Release
Date: March 2, 2022
Contact: Lieutenant Benjamin Blick
Telephone: 316.660.3900

Inmate Suicide Attempt 03.02.22




DATE:                                                March 2, 2022

AGENCY:                                          SEDGWICK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

LOCATION:                                      WICHITA/SEDGWICK COUNTY, KANSAS

TELEPHONE:                                  (316) 660-3900

CONTACT:                                       SHERIFF JEFF EASTER


On March 2, 2022, at approximately 10:00 A.M., a 33-year-old male inmate was found in a housing unit with self-inflicted lacerations to his arms. The lacerations were significant and the inmate lost a significant amount of blood.


Detention staff and on-site medical staff responded to the housing unit and tourniquets were applied to the inmate’s arms. On-site medical staff attended to the inmate’s wounds, until EMS arrived at 10:20 A.M. EMS transported the inmate to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. The inmate had surgery to repair his wounds and is now in stable condition.


After the inmate was transported to the hospital, the Sedgwick County Investigations Unit was contacted. Detectives arrived in the housing unit and processed the scene. This incident was the seventh suicide attempt in the Sedgwick County Detention Facility in 2022.


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