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News Releases

Release Date Topic
05/17/16 Commissioners Vote to Move Forward on Public Safety Training
05/17/16 Commissioners Attend Zoo Luncheon
05/16/16 Household Hazardous Waste Remote Collection
05/16/16 Updated Departmental Budget Hearings
05/13/16 Attend En Banc
05/12/16 Attend Pachyderm
05/12/16 County Dedicated to Public Safety Needs
05/11/16 Commissioners Seek Public Safety Training Option
05/11/16 Fire Negotiations Hearing
05/11/16 Commissioners Attend Wichita Prayer Breakfast
05/05/16 2016 Fire Camp
05/02/16 Attend KCCA Conference
05/02/16 Departmental Budget Hearing Schedule
05/02/16 Departmental Budget Hearings
05/02/16 Commissioners Attend Response Options Meeting
04/28/16 Attend Pachyderm Club
04/27/16 Fire District and Bargaining Unit Facts & Details
04/27/16 Fire District 1 Collective Bargaining Agreement
04/26/16 Attend Budget Workshop
04/19/16 Special Meeting for Governing Body of Fire District 1