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Letter to Dental Offices Regarding PPE

Health Department
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Adrienne Byrne, MS
Health Director

May 13, 2020

RE: COVID-19 Recovery

To Our Sedgwick County Community Partners,

Sedgwick County is aware that the Kansas Dental Association recently sent a letter to dental clinics stating that local clinics could request personal protective equipment (PPE) through Sedgwick County Emergency Management.  However, at this time, Sedgwick County Emergency Management is only able to provide face shields to dental clinics.  If your clinic is in need of face shields, please visit our website here and submit your form to  Additionally, if your clinic is utilizing N95 masks, you can contact Emergency Management at 316-660-1190 or to inquire about N95 decontamination services.

Sedgwick County is aware of how difficult it is to procure proper PPE at this time. To help with this issue, a task force was created to help with local agencies and organizations that need PPE and other items to do their work safely. Please view the attachments in this email. 

The Sedgwick County Health Department is strongly encouraging individuals providing dental services to follow OSHA and CDC recommendations for PPE.  As a reminder, our main objective during this critical time is to keep people physically separated to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission.  

If you have question pertaining to these documents, please email or call 316-660-7436 and leave a message.

 For more resources, please visit the following local resources:

 We appreciate your cooperation with this public health emergency.


Adrienne Byrne

Health Director


One-stop resource created for businesses and non-profits to find PPE vendors

KDEM E-mail Regarding N-95 Masks for Dental Offices