Neighborhood Issues?

The Neighborhood Inspections division of MABCD works with citizens on neighborhood code compliance. Neighborhood Inspections also provides resources for citizens. Please call 316-660-9220.


Is it unlawful for an owner of a vacant residence or building to allow it to become dilapidated and open to entry?

How do inoperable vehicles impact our community?

Inoperable vehicles have an impact on the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Sedgwick County. They serve as a breeding ground for insects, rodents and are a danger especially to children because of broken glass, unstable mounting jacks or blocks etc. They are a blighting influence upon the area, devaluing surrounding properties and negatively impacting the quality of life in a community.

What is an inoperable vehicle?

How many inoperable vehicles can be stored on residential property?

Neither code places limits on the number of properly licensed and operational vehicles that you can have on your property.

How tall must grass and weeds be before I can report it?

What can be done if a neighbor has old appliances, trash or debris outside?

Read the City of Wichita's Neighborhood ordinances.
Read Sedgwick County Nuisance ordinances.