Environmental / Land Use Division

The Environmental / Land Use section includes water wells, on-site wastewater, floodplain, zoning and sign regulation in unincorporated Sedgwick County. MABCD extends services to Clearwater, Garden Plain, Kechi, Maize, and Park City for water wells and on-site wastewater.


Flood zones = Risk. What this means to you is that even if your property does not flood, you may have the additional cost of flood insurance if your structure is in a flood zone.

Floodplain Permit Application


Sign regulation encourages the effective use of signs as a means of communication, maintain aesthetics in the community, improve pedestrian and vehicular safety, eliminate excessive and confusing signage.

On-site Wastewater 

If you are in Sedgwick County and not on rural or City sewer you probably have a septic system, lagoon or advanced/alternative system. To find out more about system maintenance, variances, and requirements for these systems, please click one of the links below.

Water Wells 

If you are in Sedgwick County and not on rural or City water you probably use a well for your drinking water. To find out more about well regulations in Sedgwick County click here.


Sedgwick County zoning regulations.