Plan Review

All building construction plans are reviewed for life safety and structural integrity prior to the issuance of a permit. Reviews are based on Sedgwick County and City of Wichita Unified Building and Trade Code, International Fire Code, and Sedgwick County and City of Wichita Unified Zoning Code.

A Residential classification means One-Family or Two-Family structures. All other structures are considered Commercial. (Industrial is 'lumped in' with Commercial.)

Commercial Plans (Not One-Family or Two-Family)

All Commercial Building plans must go through the plan review process. Below are the steps for successful, timely response. If you have any questions, please call. (Contact information is on the left in the lower section.)

Preliminary Project Review (Optional)
  • Preliminary reviews benefit everyone by minimizing problems in the review process and expediting plan review time. Call us and ask for a "Commercial Preliminary Project Review".
  • Bring conceptual plans. Please feel free to invite the owners, contractors, architects, engineers, fire prevention, and anyone else who can contribute.
Submit A Plan Review Application
Pay for the Plan Review Application
  • You will receive an email from MABCD letting you know that the plan review has had a cursory review and your plan review fees are ready to pay.
  • Log into the MABCD portal webpage to pay for your fees.
Upload Your Plans
  • After payment is complete, the MABCD sends an email invitation to upload plans.
  • Plans are uploaded to the Electronic Plan Review system.
  • ALL PLAN SUBMISSIONS NEED TO BE IN SINGLE PAGES. You will upload all pages into the Drawings folder.
Accept and Complete Your Task
  • While in the Electronic Plan Review system, accept and complete your task.
  • Performing this step lets the plan reviewer know you are done and they can begin the review.
Rinse and Repeat! You may need to go through the 'fix and resubmit' cycle a few times.
  • You will upload any 'fixes' to your plan. You only need to submit the page(s) that need reworked. DO NOT change the name of the file. By keeping the filename, versioning can be accomplished. This allows multiple layers to be superimposed and show changes.
Download Stamped Plans from the APPROVED Folder
  • REMEMBER! A hard copy of these plans must be physically present on the building site.
Helpful links for Commercial Plan Submission:


Residential Plan Review is handled in the MABCD office with permit writers. Plan on an hour with the permit writer to review your plans and issue your permit. Bring required documents with you.