Posting Bond

The Sedgwick County Detention facility books inmates for all municipalities in Sedgwick County as well as Federal inmates, Parole Violators, and newly arrested persons on misdemeanor and felony charges. Please note that the judge and /or court in which the inmate will appear controls the conditions of bond, the amount of bond and the type of bond that is to be posted.

Bond Amounts

The bond amounts shown are for the charge listed on the same line. The computer system requires a dollar amount to be listed; because of this the line may say $0.00. $0.00 will appear in the bond amount column when the following conditions exist:

  1. $0.00 will be listed when an inmate is committed to the facility and no bond is allowed.
  2. $0.00 will be listed when a judge has order that no bond be allowed.
  3. $0.00 will be listed when multiple charges are booked on one case number.

To determine the total amount of bond for an inmate, simply add the dollar amount shown in the “Bond Amount” column.

Some inmates are not allowed bond because of their charges or because they are committed to the facility to serve a sentence imposed by the courts.

Inmates booked on State Arrest and Detain Orders and State Parole Violations are not bondable.

Inmates booked on Juvenile Holds and Warrants are not bondable.

Inmates convicted and are awaiting Transport Orders to the Kansas Department of Corrections are not bondable.

Inmates that are bondable fall into three categories.

Domestic Violence -- Inmates held on domestic violence charges must remain in custody for a court ordered cooling off period before they bond. Each municipality has different time periods that is required and bond amounts. Inmates booked on violations of domestic violations bonds and protection from abuse orders will be required to post bond.

Out-of-State Warrants --Inmates booked on Out-of-State Warrants will not be allowed to post bond until an 18th Judicial District Court Judge sets a bond.