Sedgwick County Offender Re-Entry (SCORE) Program

The SCORE Program is for any inmate who expects to be released to our local community and needs assistance with gaining access to essential services in order to enable them to have a successful return to the community. These community services will be received either while in custody or once they are released.  

State Identification Card

There are many community services which require a state identification card for citizens to participate.  For a minimal fee of twenty-five cents (25¢) any individual who has previously been in the custody of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office may come to the facility and request a Rap Sheet.  This fee can be waived in some cases.  The Rap Sheet aids in getting a state ID from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Birth Certificate

Individuals who are in need of a copy of their birth certificate can receive assistance in obtaining it through the SCORE Program. A process is in place and available for inmates to utilize. As different states have different criteria, the inmate may need to contact family to assist in the document gathering.

Social Security Card

Social Security cards are required in order to gain employment and access some community services. This program is still being developed at this time as we work with the local Social Security Office to finalize a process.

Homeless Shelter

The SCORE Team has information on homeless shelters throughout the Wichita area. Individuals in need are able to contact SCORE to assist with gaining acceptance into a homeless shelter. There are also programs within the community that offer housing for individuals that qualify to participate in the program. Here is a listing of Shelter Resources in the community.

Food Pantry

There are many food pantries in the Wichita area. Some community partners are able to provide hot meals to those in need. The SCORE Team has been able to compile a list of Food Resources.

Medical/Mental Health Services

There are many places around Wichita where one can receive discounted medical and mental health services. Individuals who need non-emergency medical/mental health attention upon release can be given information to aid in finding those services. Please view the Health Services page for resources.

Job Search

Inmates in the housing units have the ability to search for available jobs around the country by using Jobview on the inmate kiosks. They can write down the job listing information and contact SCORE. In the SCORE Office there are computers available for inmates to apply for the job listings as they get close to their release date. These computers are also used to enroll in where inmates are able to learn skills such as resume building, application skills, interview skills, and much more. Therefore, inmates are able to actively prepare for and look for employment while in custody.

Kitchen Training Program

Our current food services vendor has training materials they are currently using to familiarize all kitchen inmate workers with safe food handling practices. Most of this is on the job training. More training is done in a classroom setting with testing and a certificate for those who complete the program. This program includes personal hygiene, time & temperature control, stock rotation practice & theory, and environmental sanitation.  Inmates will be able to use this training certificate and the skills they gain to apply for jobs in the food service industry.