Support Division

The Support Division consists of 3 deputies, 8 corporals, and 6 clerical staff members, supervised by a sergeant and 2 lieutenants.  The Support Division also oversees 5 contractor groups with approximately 150 employees. 

One function of the division is to oversee a number of programs available to inmates, they are; GED classes, Alcoholics Anonymous, Anger Management, Parenting Classes, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Re-Entry Program (back into the community) and religious services, to name only a few.  There are also 11 religious services with approximately 150 volunteers meeting the spiritual needs of the inmates.

The Support Division also operates an inmate funded commissary program for items such as candy bars, chips and soups.  The program also assists the facility as a management tool for inmate behavior since it is a privilege that can be revoked.

Inmate Worker Supervisors The Inmate Quartermaster and Inmate Worker Supervisor are in charge of hiring inmate workers, monitoring and giving them assignments such as kitchen duties, cleaning duties, laundry duties and other needs of the facility. They are also in charge of keeping the facility stocked with inmate and staff supplies that are needed on a daily basis. They handle the majority of the big items the facility has delivered to the back facilities dock among many other tasks given throughout the day. 

Inmate Coordinator’s Office – This office is responsible for many tasks to help inmates while in custody. They are a resource office when inmates and/or inmate families need of assistance they should be able, in most cases, to assist them with their issues. The Inmate Coordinators also deal with the public in general and other forms of law enforcement.  Also the Inmate Coordinators oversee the high school completion, law library, AA, NA, and all other inmate programming.

S.C.O.R.E. (Re-Entry)-The SCORE Program is for any inmate who expects to be released to our local community and needs assistance with gaining access to essential services in order to enable them to have a successful return to the community. These community services will be received either while in custody or once they are released.  

Classification Office - The Classification Office consists of 2 Detention Corporals and 1 Detention Sergeant. They are responsible for classifying inmates for appropriate housing based on charges, behavior, and interviews. They keep statistics for classification numbers, interviews conducted, PREA related information, and ADA related information. The office also manages a maintenance tracker for out of order cells.  

Population Control Office -The Population Control Office consists of 2 Detention Corporals and is tied into the Sedgwick County Transportation Office which consists of 1 Sergeant and 4 transportation Deputies. They work together to get trips scheduled around the Kansas area. They are in constant communication with Kansas Department of Corrections to coordinate inmates going to prison and coming back from prison to serve time. They conduct the county jail time calculations for county commitments. Population also manages the population of the Annex facility and the Main facility by housing people accordingly.