Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department

Mission: Ensuring that all residential and commercial structures are properly and safely planned, built, and maintained within Sedgwick County using national best practices while providing fair and equitable rules for the local building industry.

Latest News

MABCD Portal is Live

You can use the MABCD Portal site to apply for permits, schedule inspections, and pay for permit fees without ever having to leave your desk!

Search Continuing Education Classes

You can now view a listing of electrical, mechanical and plumbing classes taught by outside vendors on our Continuing Education & Contractor/Trade Testing page.

New or Renewing Contractor Licenses

To apply for a new or renew an existing contractor’s license, please submit an Application for Trade Contractor's License. This and other important forms can be found on our Forms, Applications & Permits.

MABCD Strategic Goals

The MABCD strategic goals are in alignment with the Sedgwick County strategic priorities as presented in the 2018 Adopted Budget

MABCD 2018 Priorities

MABCD has 10 major priorities for 2018 in support of our strategic goals. 

  1. Implement a consolidated MABCD policies and procedures manual to facilitate better training and qualification of employees while ensuring consistent customer/public service.
  2. Fully implement a streamlined process and maximize participation in the electronic plan review program.
  3. Review, prepare and present new 2018 International Building and International Residential Codes for adoption.
  4. Complete review and adoption of Electrical, Elevator, and Electrical Sign Codes.
  5. Complete adoption of the revised Sedgwick County Sign Code.
  6. Expand neighborhood clean-up and abatement programs to include revamping the previous Wichita City “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” program to reduce cost and better address issues of neighborhood blight.
  7. Upgrade Building, Trades, and Housing Mobility inspection tools to further improve timeliness and quality of services.
  8. Receive, evaluate and implement findings from the FEMA Flood Plan Audit report.
  9. Expand paperless case documentation and inspection processes to all MABCD divisions.
  10. Make final modifications to administrative and training areas and improve security measures within the Ronald Reagan Building.