Developmental Disability Organization

I Currently Receive Services

What to Expect from the SCDDO:

Information for Individuals without Medicaid and/or Case Management services.

Please be advised that the SCDDO will not have case managers or a specific individual assigned to your case. SCDDO staff will be available to you on an information and referral basis only. The following are a few ways in which the SCDDO can assist you:

If you would like to receive case management services you may approach participating agencies to enter into a private payment arrangement for these services. For a fee, the following agencies offer case management services to individuals without Medicaid:

Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas, Inc.
5111 E. 21st St. N., Wichita, KS, 67208-1606
Phone: 316-688-1888 Fax: 316-688-5687

1006 E. Waterman, Wichita, KS, 67211-1525
Phone: 316-383-8700 Fax: 316-383-8715

1440 E. English, Wichita, KS, 67211
Phone: 316-263-4141 Fax: 316-263-4141

For more information please request “Options Counseling” at 316-660-7630.

What You Can Expect from a Targeted Case Manager

Targeted case management (TCM) services assist the person and their support network to identify, select, obtain, coordinate, and use both paid services, and natural supports to achieve their preferred lifestyle. The case manager serves as an advocate and the coordinator of services that are needed.

10 questions to ask providers when searching for case management services:

  1. How much experience do your case managers have?
  2. How long have they worked for your agency?
  3. What is your turnover rate for case managers?
  4. How many individuals are on each caseload?
  5. I am interested in a case manager who:
  6. Am I able to meet with potential case managers?
  7. How often do your case managers have contact with their families?
  8. How much will we be charged for case management? (Only applies to people without Medicaid.)
  9. How much involvement in the community do your case managers have with clients?
  10. Does your agency have an after hours emergency number to call in case of a crisis at home or school?

If you have questions or concerns regarding your case manager, please contact their supervisor at the agency they work for. If that doesn’t resolve your concern or problem, please contact the SCDDO Quality Assurance department at (316) 660-7644.

The TCM supervisor can also assist you with finding a different case manager at their agency if needed.

If at any time you choose to change case management agencies, please contact the SCDDO Service Access & Outreach department at (316) 660-7630. They will share the options that are available and send you the required paperwork.

Options Counseling to Change or Add a Service Provider

SCDDO will impartially inform individuals of the types and availability of community services to meet their needs. To request Options Counseling call (316) 660-7630.

Resolve a Dispute

By law, CDDOs are required to establish dispute resolution policies. The Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization has the following policies in place:

Complete an Annual BASIS Assessment

BASIS stands for Basic Assessment and Services Information System, and it was developed by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) to collect information about the individual applying for the HCBS/MRDD Medicaid waiver. This assessment consists of information about the individual’s demographics, daily living skills and/or medical conditions, challenging behaviors, and the types of services the person is receiving or is interested in receiving. This assessment is updated annually to capture any changes that may have occurred.

Annual Functional Assessment

Apply for Emergency Funding

Persons who are in crisis or imminent risk of crisis and whose needs can only be met through services available through the HCBS-MR/DD waiver may apply for funding. A committee meets weekly to review applications.

Funding Committee