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Available Services

The type of intellectual disability/developmental disability (ID/DD) services available depend on the funding source that each individual is qualified to receive. The spectrum of services includes the following:

Assistive Services – may include equipment and/or home modifications that will improve a person’s health, independence, productivity and/or integration into the greater community.

Direct Financial Support – this funding is meant to assist an identified need related to a disability to meet the most urgent needs of individuals who have no other access to funding or community supports.

Medical Alert Rental– the cost of renting the medical alert device is covered by this service.

Day Supports – regularly occurring activities that help provide a sense of participation, accomplishment, personal reward or contribution.

Supported Employment– provides support in the way of “job coaches” and other assistance needed to acquire or maintain competitive employment within the community.

Residential Supports – provide assistance, acquisition, retention and/or improvement in skills to assure that health and welfare needs are met in a non-family, residential setting.

Personal Assistant Services (PAS) – assistive services within the home or community including bathing, shopping, financial management and recreational activities.

Sleep Cycle Support – provides overnight care assistance to families for both emergencies and/or specific care needs.

Supportive Home Care – provides assistance with daily living and various other needs within the family home, including medications, shopping, meal preparation and accessing medical care.

Wellness Monitoring – ensures an individual is properly using medical health services prescribed by a physician and includes a wellness evaluation by a registered nurse.

Begin Receiving Services

To apply for services, contact the Service Access team at the SCDDO. A Service Access Specialist will ask for general information and schedule a meeting with you. At this meeting, you will be given instructions to obtain important information needed to determine eligibility for services. The Service Access Specialist will be available to assist you in obtaining this information or to answer any questions during the application process. Call 855-200-2372 to begin your path to obtaining services.

Intake and Application Process

Individuals who are applying for services are responsible for the following:

  1. Maintain regular contact with Service Access Specialist.
  2. Schedule and complete a medical exam with a physician. A medical exam/physical conducted within the last two years may be considered.
  3. Schedule and complete a psychological exam with a psychologist (for applicants aged 7 and older). This is a comprehensive evaluation needed to receive information about the intellectual functioning and functional limitations the person may experience. The exam also will provide an official diagnosis. If the individual has had a psychological evaluation by a licensed psychologist within the last three years, it may be considered. Further information may be necessary.
  4. Complete the developmental delays checklist with professionals working with your child (for applicants aged 6 and younger; checklist provided at your first appointment).
  5. If school age, obtain and submit a copy of the most recent individualized education plan.
  6. Send a copy of the individual’s social security card and medical card to the Service Access Specialist, if they have not already been provided.
  7. If eligible for services, schedule and complete a BASIS assessment with the Service Access Specialist. This assessment is completed after an individual is found eligible for services and is a requirement to receive services in Kansas. BASIS stands for Basic Assessment and Services Information System, and it was developed by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) to collect information about the individual applying for the HCBS/MRDD Medicaid waiver. This assessment consists of information about the individual’s demographics, daily living skills and/or medical conditions, challenging behaviors, and the types of services the person is receiving or is interested in receiving. This assessment is updated annually to capture any changes that may have occurred.

English Intake Packet - Age 6 and Under

English Intake Packet - Age 7 and Older

The application will be provided at your first appointment.

Appeal a Decision

If an individual is found to be ineligible for services, he/she will receive a letter in the mail. The letter will provide information about the appeal process, as well as resources in the community to contact for assistance.

Resolve a Dispute

By law, CDDOs are required to establish dispute resolution policies. The Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization has the following policies in place:

Available Community Resources

Funding Resources

SCDDO Funding Committee may have resources available to assist with meeting your needs. Please contact your Targeted Case Manager to ask about applying for funding. If you do not have a Targeted Case Manager and need assistance, please contact SCDDO Service Access department at 855-200-2372.

Individuals who are in crisis or imminent risk of crisis and whose needs can only be met by services through the HCBS-IDD waiver may apply for an exception.

Waiting List

Due to budget constraints, there is a waiting list for disability services in Kansas. Despite this wait, there is a benefit to applying for services that are anticipated to be needed within the next three years. Establishing placement on the waiting list communicates the need and assists in the future planning for those services. In addition, all ID/DD services may be privately paid for by the consumer.

Additional Forms and Resources