Individuals receiving State Aid

SCDDO Funding Committee will review state aid allocations to ensure that needs are being adequately met.  This review is also an opportunity for the individual to seek additional supports, if needed. 


  1. Targeted Case Manager (TCM) will work with the individual / guardian to complete the State Aid Review form.
  2. The TCM will also complete the Support Schedule form which details activities and supports which are needed for the individual to live within the community.
  3. Both completed forms and all Support Plans with signature page(s) shall be submitted for review.
  4. A funding plan is provided once a year regarding the current State Aid allocation.  If a change is made following the review, a new funding plan will be sent to the service provider. 

Funding Committee Decision

If the individual/guardian does not agree and would like to ask for a reconsideration or appeal please see Funding Committee General Information for details.