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Quality Assurance Committee

The Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization (SCDDO) is required by Article 64 to ensure the quality of services provided to persons served. To do so, SCDDO must facilitate on-site monitoring by a local committee made up of persons served, their families, guardians, interested citizens, and providers. This Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) evaluates services based on the person-centered planning documentation, individual support needs, and individual satisfaction. All information relating to the QAC process can be found in the QAC Manual below:

I Provide Services (Affiliates)

Manuals and Forms

Funding Committee

Targeted Case Managers (TCMs) are responsible to provide notification to SCDDO Funding Committee regarding timely access to services and utilization of funding to ensure usage of available resources and network capacity for individuals eligible for Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability (IDD) services.

Support and Service Plans (Non HCBS waiver participants) 

Based on Article 30-63-21, providers are required to maintain a Person-Centered Support Plan (PCSP) for all individuals accessing services and that plan shall direct the services provided. The Sedgwick County network of providers rely on the Targeted Case Management (TCM) agency to complete this task; however, some individuals chose not to have TCM services. In those situations, the provider(s) are responsible to develop the plan. The support plan tools and guides below are available to be utilized when an individual does not receive TCM services to ensure that regulations and SCDDO policies are being met. Please contact TCM Coordinator at 316-660-7660 for questions.

Support and Service Templates

Support and Service Guides

Emerging Practices for Support Plan Development

Emerging Practices for Support Plan Development was developed by a team of stakeholders who focused on identifying new ways to engage teams around the development of the individualized person-centered support plan. This practice includes a set of tools to involve all of the people that are important to the individual and guarantees that all members of the support team have input. Based on the perceived benefits and the pilot project outcomes, the workgroup would recommend that the Emerging Practices of Support Plan Development be available for use by all service providers.


Emerging Practices for Support Plan Development

Training available via Relias


Resolve a Dispute

By law, CDDOs are required to establish dispute resolution policies. The Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization has the following policies in place:

Extraordinary Funding (EF)

Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) recognizes that a small percentage of persons served through the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based Services (HCBS-IDD) need an extraordinary level of funding to support their health and welfare needs while they are receiving HCBS-IDD Program service supports. Community Service Providers who want to apply for this funding may submit the request to the individuals Managed Care Organization for review and approval.

Extraordinary Funding Application


Relias is the leader in online training and compliance solutions for the health and human services market. Relias offers online training and e-learning resources specifically designed to meet the educational needs of organizations working in behavioral health, senior care, public safety, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through a partnership with Relias, Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization is able to provide 350+ training courses to each of our affiliated providers to help improve the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disorders and the ones who care for them. For additional information please contact Quality Assurance Director at 316-660-7644.

Relias New User Form

The TCM Core Knowledge Certificate program creates foundational training for case managers who work within Sedgwick County. Other training programs have been created for continued growth of the network and can be found below.


TCM Training Work-group Proposal

TCM Core Knowledge Certificate Program

TCM Enhanced Knowledge Certificate Program

TCM Advanced Learning Certificate Program


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