Thank You Postcard Project

Letter and COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

 COVID-19 Vaccine Myths


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 Social Distancing Postcard - Single SE High School - Single  Wear a Mask - Single Wash Your Hands - Single

Mask - 4 per page Social Distancing SE High School - 4 per pageWash Your Hands - 4 per page Wear a Mask - 4 per page

Art Submitted

Thank you to all the talented artists that submitted their work for the project!

Ben Mask Aleishia Spray Bottle Art B Art B2 Art B3 Art B4 Art B5 Art K Art K2 Art S Art U Art U2 Art U3 Art V Art W Art W2 Art W3 Art W4 Art W5 Art Fabian Mask Fabian Mask 2 Lindsay social distance Hand Sanitizer Mask