Services Fees and Privacy

How are service fees calculated?

The all-inclusive base rate for ambulance transport is determined by two variables:

  1. Immediacy of response: emergency or scheduled
  2. The type of care and treatment provided

Sedgwick County has five levels of base rate charges that range from $350 to $850. In addition to the base rate charge, a mileage charge of $15 per loaded mile is added.

How are payments processed for services?

Sedgwick County EMS contracts with a third-party billing vendor to process claims on behalf of patients. The ambulance crew will collect the responsible party and any insurance information at the time of service. We will provide that information to our billing vendor who submits the claim to the designated insurance carrier or carriers for processing.

Sedgwick County EMS or any of its employees cannot guarantee an insurance provider will approve and pay the claim for transport. Each beneficiary should understand their specific insurance plan as they vary with respect to ambulance coverage, co-pays and deductibles.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Certain laws require that you be provided "notice" of our privacy practices that relate to your medical information. Our privacy practices are contained with this "notice." This "notice" applies to the protected health records of your care provided by Sedgwick County and its employees, staff and volunteers.

Click here to read the Sedgwick County privacy practices.