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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Facts and Details

What is nursing/baby bottle tooth decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is a dental condition that can destroy the teeth of an infant or a young child. The upper front teeth are the most susceptible to damage, but other teeth may also be affected.

Baby bottle tooth decay is a serious problem caused by putting your baby to bed with a bottle or letting the baby carry a bottle in his mouth during the day filled with formula, milk, juice or other sweetened beverages.  Many times bottles are used as pacifiers to keep children quiet, but this is not healthy for the baby. 

The sugar in milk, formula, juice or other common drinks for babies causes severe tooth decay (cavities).  What matters is not just what children drink, but how often and for how long the teeth are exposed to decay-pronouncing acids.  

How serious is baby bottle tooth decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay can cause painful toothaches that may make it hard to eat. Severely decayed teeth can become infected and may need to be extracted.

If your child’s teeth are lost too early because of baby bottle tooth decay, your child may have some of these problems:   

How can I prevent nursing/baby bottle tooth decay?

Here are a few precautions parents can take to reduce nursing/baby bottle tooth decay:

Tips for Parents to Remember 

Instead of a Bottle

Instead of a bottle, there are many other ways to quiet and calm your baby:

For More Information:
Contact the Sedgwick County Health Department  by calling 316-660-7300