Health In The Workplace

Worksite Wellness Toolkit

More adults are in the workforce today than ever before. And, with obesity rates and incidents of chronic disease on the rise, worksites have become an increasingly important avenue to address poor lifestyle behaviors and encourage healthy ones.

This toolkit will help you begin to develop a program at your worksite with the goal of improving overall health. The toolkit includes sample policies, surveys and data points. Additionally, the division of health is available to assist worksites in this process and provide technical assistance following implementation.


Employee Benefits of Wellness

Employer Benefits of Wellness


Worksite wellness programs can help support healthy behaviors. Take advantage of these benefits in your organization.

Sedgwick County Division of Health offers worksite wellness programs with free technical assistance to get your business on the path to good health. We'll even help you decide which programs will best fit the atmosphere, goals and culture of your workplace.

Tobacco-Free Workplace

The costs of employee tobacco use to an employer are significant. Direct costs to the employer include healthcare costs associated with tobacco use. Indirect costs include lost productivity, absenteeism and recruitment and retraining costs resulting from death and disability related to tobacco use.

Tobacco-free workplaces can enhance productivity in two ways. The effects of secondhand smoke on nonsmokers is reduced, and smokers who are motivated to quit as a result of the tobacco-free policy will have reduced absenteeism.

Besides being wise for health-related reasons, being a tobacco-free workplace just makes good business sense!