Electronic Recording (eRecording) streamlines the submission of documents for recording in real estate transactions, benefiting financial institutions, law firms, and various businesses. By submitting documents electronically, the turnaround time for recorded documents is significantly reduced compared to traditional mail, typically taking 7-10 business days. To understand the eRecording process better, watch our informative video.

Our recording hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding County Holidays. It's essential to submit documents through your chosen vendor before 3 p.m. to ensure recording on the same business day.


Vendors play a crucial role as secure courier services to and from Sedgwick County's recording system. Each vendor offers its interface and fee schedule. To determine the best vendor for your organization, it's recommended to contact all three vendors listed below:

Wayne Crabtree      Email:
Phone: (800) 927-9801
Lisa Norris, Office Manager
Phone: (816) 295-1540
Lynn Wilkey
Phone: (800) 460-5657 Ext. 1037


- All customers must have a prior agreement with an approved vendor.
- Only original documents are acceptable for creating electronic documents.
- Scanned images must be clear and reproducible.
- Documents submitted for Electronic Recording should be thoroughly checked for errors, omissions, scanning defects, illegible areas, or any deficiencies affecting the recording process and public notice.

Make sure to allocate sufficient space for the electronic recording label in the top right corner of the first page.
Kansas Electronic Recording Standards

Document Types

Acceptable document types
Any documents not listed will need to be mailed in to be recorded.

Rejected Documents

- Sedgwick County promptly reviews documents for statutory compliance and returns any non-compliant documents for correction, ensuring a quick turnaround time.

Top 5 Reasons for Rejection:
1. Omitted or incorrect legal description.
2. Incorrect or missing information in the notary acknowledgment.
3. Deed must be accompanied by a Sales Validation Questionnaire or Exemption Number.
4. Names under signature must be typed or printed (KS Statue, Sec 28-115 as amended).
5. Insufficient space provided for the eRecording label.