The Way We Were

 Going Home Sick

July 6, 1884 Lost and Found Wichita Daily Eagle

December 6, 1884 A Street Encounter Wichita Beacon

January 14, 1885 A lost Button Wichita Daily Eagle

June 5, 1885 Going to the Races 

Remodeling 11.19.1884 Wichita Daily Eagle


Snake and Toad 7.11.1884 Wichita Eagle

huge snake and mammoth toad

Snippets of Life 11.16.1876 Wichita Eagle

Sporting Chances 8.16.1877 Wichita Eagle

shoot prairie chickens

The One Electric Light 5.1.1887 Wichita Daily Eagle

light blown over

Robert Dean Retirement


resigngold watch

Heiserman Caned

presented with cane


beautiful token